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Welcome to the FAA 2022 Conference Website

Welcome to a new era in FAA conferences! Co-convenors Cate Whelan (FAASA) and Jenny Coad (FAAWA) are excited to bring you a unique, boutique-style conference in Glenelg, SA.

The idea was born in a conversation at the 2020 Melbourne conference where it was indicated that a new approach was needed for future FAA conferences.  Several emails and Zoom meetings later, the idea of a small hybrid online and in-person conference came alive.

COVID has assisted in the development of this hybrid type format, ensuring the conference can go ahead if any state or country is in snap lockdown.  Our intimate gathering of 50 in-house delegates will at least ensure that the much-loved face to face contact can still be experienced, albeit by only a limited number.  Our aim, however, is to engage our online audience as best we can so they too, can feel as much of the same connection that the in-house delegates receive.  We are indebted to Helen Hartley, our web designer, who has worked closely with us and been a constant source of ideas and advice as to how to achieve this.

With so many lockdowns and restrictions, we are aching for warm, human, personal astrology gatherings.  And so a new, more intimate style of conference evolved.

The theme of the conference, Wealth and Wellbeing, chose itself.  In this unpredictable Covid world, when so many are worried about health and financial hardship, what can we find in astrology to help us through?  Our amazing international and Australian astrologers look at different aspects of this theme and help to inspire us with their vision.

Our Raffle, Conference Magazine & Optional Dinner

Our Conference Magazine contains lots of information about the conference, the venue, the speakers and much more. Click on the image to view

Optional Dinner  – $40.00

Are you in Adelaide and would like to attend the Saturday Night Dinner?  The dinner will be held at the Watermark Hotel, Glenelg where we will indulge in their International Buffet. There are hot soups, entrees, roasts, salads, and an extensive range of Asian dishes. And of course, plenty of desserts!  Join us for dinner for a night of fun and frivolity enjoyed by the astrological community.

Please contact Jenny Coad directly to organise your tickets and any dietary requirements. If you have special dietary needs, please register in plenty of time. We need to have our orders to the caterers by 25th May.

You may want to look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. Click on the image below.

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Your team

Schedule Cate Whelan

Cate Whelan

Cate completed her FAA diploma back in the mid-90s through Astro Logos and has been involved with the South Australian and national astrological community ever since.  She has been president of FAASA since 2011.  For a number of years she was actively teaching the FAA syllabus, but these days she is more involved in astrological research.  She is excited to see this conference vision become a reality.

Jenny Coad

Jenny Coad

Jenny is an astrologer based in Perth Western Australia. Taking an interest in astrology in 2011, she spent many years learning by correspondence from Melbourne astrologer Pamela Rowe.  After graduating, she joined the FAAWA group and is now actively involved in the national and local FAA committees and the general WA astrological community.

Helen Hartley

Helen Hartley

Helen Hartley, an early member of FAASA, has been a practising astrologer since 1980. Helen’s astrological career encompasses personal & business consulting, radio, public speaking, written publications and teaching the FAA syllabus.  She began her astrological studies with the late Bonnie Matthes and has studied certified courses with Noel Tyl and Deborah Houlding.

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