Bernadette Brady Bio

Bernadette Brady holds a PhD in Anthropology and is co-principle of Astro Logos Ltd. Awards include the Charles Harvey Award for “exceptional service to astrology” and the Regulus Award for ‘Theory and Understanding in Astrology’ at UAC.  Her most recent work is Stories from the Stars (co-authored with Darrelyn Gunzburg). She teaches for the online distance learning MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales.

Lecture Title: Living as an astrologer

Astrology is a lifestyle. It may begin as a hobby or a curiosity, but for those of us that stay with astrology, it becomes a lifestyle. There are, however, many different forms of astrology and different ways that astrologers use the heavens. The bottom line is that astrologers choose to bring purpose to their lives by living in a dialogue with the heavens. Are we thus dictated by fate or are we living in rapport with the natural world?

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