Eve Dembowski Bio

Eve Dembowski (STA DipH) is an astrologer, teacher and lecturer with an interest in horary. She has organised the Regulus Traditional Astrology Conferences, has lectured internationally and is a principal tutor for the STA, having taught their Horary course since 2013. She launched her “The Foundations of Astrology” course in 2018, focusing on traditional natal astrology. schoolofclassicalastrology@gmail.com

Lecture Title: Mercury – Mystery, Mischief and Magic
Mercury is a paradox, often overlooked and little understood. Known as a troublemaker, a trickster, but also a messenger of the gods, he is associated with both rational thinking and magic. This presentation will look at the astronomy, astrological tradition and philosophical meanings of Mercury and will demonstrate the depth of insight this elusive planet can add to chart delineation.
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